Cloud Business Pages Gallery

This is a dynamic photo gallery that will bestow an excellent look and feel on your website. It’s affords an easy and exciting way to parade your photos online. The ‘dynamic’ element of this plug-in is the ability of the image gallery to build the images dynamically, based on the images it finds in a folder. In another words, after the initial setup, if you have more images to show, you simply upload it to a folder on your website, or vice versa. 



  • Uploads photos under various categories.
  • Add, edit and update photos and descriptions
  • Assign the order by which your photos will be listed for each category
  • View photos in two different sizes, their original size and a thumb-nail size
  • Add captions
  • Manage your photos with great ease.
  • Simple, easy-to-use admin-panel to add,
  • Modify and delete photos and descriptions,
  • Upload 50  photos in any single category.





  • Cloud Business Pages
  • No. 453/C, First Floor, Venus
  • Old Post Office Jn, Sea Port - Air Port Road,
  • Irumpanam P.O, Kochi - 682 309