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INI Technologies launched iSMS, SMS Gateway Services. iSMS can be used to send and receive SMS now from your PC or from your application using iSMS Gateway Services.

iSMS is powerful to send bulk SMS that will allow you to sending either individual SMS to single recipients or personalized bulk SMS to mailing lists. Using iSMS, sending an SMS is much easier than from a mobile, the sending costs are usually much lower than to the bulk SMS sending rates, you will get a detailed acknowledgment request once SMS has been successfully delivered to its intended recipient and you will have powerful SMS mailing functions at your disposal. The list of phone numbers can be either manually entered or imported from a text file.

iSMS Facilitates

  Bulks SMS
  Group SMS
  Scheduled SMS
  Auto Respond SMS



iSMS can integrate with applications in order to respond automatically (Eg. Balance Enquiry, Delivery Status etc) iSMS Support integration with

  ERP Applications
  CRM Applications
  Financial Tracking Software
  Billing Applications
  Messaging Applications
  Customer  Satisfaction Survey
  Opinion Polls


Features of iSMS

  Send SMS to individuals or list of phone numbers.
  No limit of contacts in the list to send SMS.
  Support all national or international SMS.
  Import phone number list from text file or phone memory
  Send SMS in languages supported by Unicode.
  Send messages can be saved and viewed by the user.
  No technical skills required to operate the software.
  Software provides highly interactive graphical user interface
  Send bulk SMS text messages for mobile marketing and internal communication purposes from your PC to   other mobile phones in one click.
  Bulk SMS software used by businesses and organizations worldwide to manage mobile communications with extraordinary messaging facilities



iSMS can be implemented in three modes

  Shared iSMS
  Dedicated Hosted iSMS
  Dedicated Onsite iSMS



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