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It is essential for the continual improvement of a growing organization. The iSurvey module is an excellent tool provided by INI Technologies, for gathering useful information about your company's processes and services.

It helps to find out whether your customers and employees are happy with your services, and utilize this information to improve your organization's performance.
Customer survey is the best method to understand their opinions and needs.


iSurvey – Online survey module through mail

In this Solution the customer will be having a back office login to the application where he can enter the details of his clients. In admin customer can create the questions for the client with different options. Customer can send this questionnaire to his clients. This application will facilitate various reports based on the data obtained from each customer


    Facility to integrate the Standard ISO Survey forms of your organizations to web format and presented to your customer for response. The program sends an email message, with your content, and a link to the survey form.

  A database of employee users with access to the program features and customers is maintained online and updated by your designated personnel.

  Maintains log of all activities.





  Saves the time and cost of sending survey forms via FAX or mail.

  No technical knowledge necessary to use module

  Survey response forms can be sent to multiple personnel i.e. sales, qc, production.

  Nominal Cost for setup and yearly renewals.

  Automation and real-time access - Respondents input their own data, and it is automatically stored electronically. Analysis thus becomes easier and can be streamlined, and is available immediately.

  Convenience for respondents - They can answer questions on their schedule, at their pace, and can even start a survey at one time, stop, and complete it later.

  No interviewer - Respondents may be more willing to share personal information because they're not disclosing it directly to another person. Interviewers can also influence responses in some cases.




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